eTail Europe 2016 (past event)

21 - 23 June, 2016

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Interview - Growing Onsite Search and Discoverability

eTail speaker Siobhan Fitzpatrick, Director of Multi-Channel at Homebase, discusses some solutions and quick wins she has found to help with onsite search and discoverability. Click the image to the left to watch. If you enjoy this interview you'll love eTail Europe, where many other stellar eCommerce speakers will be joining Siobhan. Have a look at the agenda, or sign up today!

eTail Europe 2016 Attendee List

Who You’ll Meet            Not just senior marketers. Every decision maker tasked with driving a better customer experience and increasing their bottom line.   Heads of eCommerce and Directors of Digital at: Argos, Asda, Boots, B&Q, Debenhams, Homebase, Jaeger, John Lewis, Ticketmaster, Thomas Cook, Waitrose, Wickes and many more.

[Whitepaper] The Mid-Year E-Commerce Outlook for Large Enterprises

Thanks to the proliferation of digital commerce channels and new-age technologies, the retail landscape is more competitive than ever. Large retailers with global footprints are under siege by smaller, more agile brands that are seizing competitive advantages wherever they can find them – from more engaging shopping experiences to smoother fulfillment. Every year, the eTail team surveys its audience to learn about the tools and technologies they're implementing, the goals they're chasing, and the results they're seeing. Concentrating on large retailers with annual revenues above £500 million, this report analyzes how brands are seeing success with mobile, social, and website optimization.  Click the banner to the left to download the paper now!

[Whitepaper] The Mid-Year E-Commerce Outlook for SMB Retailers

The urgency with which brands are adapting to omnichannel digital commerce reflects the fact that not only are they facing competition across the spectrum of brands large and small, their customers too are increasingly demanding a high standard of cross channel integration. Digital transformation is at the forefront of retailer's efforts in 2016, quite simply because it cannot be ignored.  Every year, the eTail team surveys its audience to learn about the tools and technologies they're implementing, the goals they're chasing, and the results they're seeing. Concentrating on small to medium business retailers with annual revenues below $100 million, this report analyzes how brands are seeing success with content-based marketing, omnichannel capabilities, and new marketing techniques.  Click the banner to the left to download the paper now!

[Whitepaper] The Changing Landscape of Retail Marketing

Retail brands are tirelessly chasing after a new holy grail: smooth, effortless, and enjoyable shopping experiences across all channels. However, the pursuit of great omnichannel shopping experiences can be difficult, requiring significant investment in new technologies and a shift in strategic focus. Let’s face it; it’s extremely challenging to create consistently great capabilities across desktop sites, mobile sites and apps, social media, and a myriad of other channels. eTail’s latest whitepaper, created in conjunction with RetailMeNot, highlights how brands are reshaping their strategies and investing in new technologies to create the best possible omnichannel experiences. The paper explores:  - How mobile is gaining on incumbent technologies as a key commercial and marketing priority  - How well brands are using data for personalization and predictive marketing  - How far along brands are in the adoption of next generation digital capabilities, like programmatic marketing Click the banner to the left to download the paper now!

eCommerce Challenges You'll Face in 2016/17 - The eTail Europe Director's Report

What are your biggest ecommerce challenges for 2016/17? The answers are inside the eTail Europe 2016 Director's Report. We surveyed over 900 of Europe's retail leaders and conducted three months of market research and phone interviews to put together this report.

Mobile Innovation - The Next Step in Multichannel Commerce

Using proprietary data, this report will take a first-hand look at how brands are approaching the opportunities and challenges of mobile into 2016. It will show how those businesses are investing in order to develop the mobile capabilities that will have the biggest impact on customer experiences and conversions. The report will also discuss how businesses are managing the organisational and technological challenges inherent to the mobile shopping paradigm. Finally, it will touch on how mobile acts as the glue that holds together multichannel customer experiences, and how organisations are using mobile to improve those experiences.

Exclusive: An Insider's Look at Mobile Innovation in 2016

We sat down with Mickey Alam Khan, Editor in Chief of Mobile Marketer and Mobile Commerce Daily, to discuss trends and opportunities for m-commerce and mobile marketing in 2016. Read through the Q&A to learn how mobile is becoming the most important enabler of multichannel commerce, how brands can better utilise mobile capabilities, and which brands are doing mobile best. Click the Banner on the left to download this exclusive report!

Creating Optimal Customer Journeys With Programmatic Marketing

As consumers jump instantaneously from channel to channel and device to device, retail marketers are tasked with understanding consumers' individual habits and creating consistent and relevant experiences for each of them. The increasingsly widespread use of digital shopping channels and the need for personalisation has influenced many marketers to turn to programmatic marketing. Using proprietary research and real-world use cases and produced in conjunction with MediaMath, this white paper explores how programmatic marketing enables brands to influence customer journeys across digital channels.

eTail Europe 2015 Event Highlights

See who attended eTail Europe 2015 and highlights from the event.

Etail Europe 2015 Director's Report

This report covers the hottest trends defining online retail in 2015, based on extensive research and interviews with industry leaders. It also includes a special agenda preview showcasing how they'll be addressed at this year's conference. Topics include: How to scale 1-1 personalisation towards millions of shoppers How to measure ROI across multichannel and 'defend the spend' How to disrupt instore experience with tech and data Click the image to the left to get the report now!

Shop Smart Pay Easy Visa Whitepaper

“Shop Smart, Pay Easy”. New ways to shop, spend, send and share your money safely. The content featured in this 16 page article within Hearst’s Money Edit magazine features Visa’s product portfolio including by Visa, Contactless, Mobile Point of Sale devices, Mobile Payments and Cross Border. Read it online now to see how you can benefit from Visa’s suite of innovative products and services.

Banks publicly support in UK

Lloyds Bank, Halifax, Bank of Scotland, and TSB Bank plan to launch Visa’s digital wallet service, by Visa, in the coming months, joining Nationwide Building Society in offering the service. is part of Visa Europe’s growing portfolio of products enabling frictionless commerce for retailers and consumers.  Offering simple, secure online payments, it is designed to increase the convenience of online shopping and reduce the proportion of sales that are abandoned during the checkout process. It can be accessed online from a desktop, tablet and smartphone and can store multiple payment cards.

E-Commerce in Russia

This report is offered by East-West Digital News, the international resource on Russian digital industries, in partnership with eTail. It reflects a monitoring and research effort which has been conducted with dozens of industry players and experts since 2011. Companies interested in this market may request more detailed data and analysis, or strategic advice, which East-West Digital News and its associated experts will provide on demand. 

Moss Bros - Suiting up for Global, Omni-channel Payments

Almost every retailer is making a serious effort to implement a consistent cross-channel shopper experience. But less well understood is how payments fits in to this picture. In this case study, Moss Bros, the leading UK menswear brand, shows how an omni-channel approach to payments can drive real business results. Established in 1851, Moss Bros has clothed government ministers, military officers, and many other distinguished people over a history of more than 160 years. In early 2013, the business embarked on an ambitious journey to expand its digital footprint and revenue both domestically in the UK, and internationally. Partnering with Adyen, Moss Bros initially adopted the Adyen payment platform as a payment gateway and an acquirer in the UK to coincide with the launch of its new e-commerce site. Soon after, it expanded the relationship to include mobile Point-of-Sale (mPOS) in a selection of its UK retail stores, and international e-commerce and m-commerce.

Cross-Border Payments: Opportunities and Best Practices For Going Global

Cross-border e-commerce is running hot. According to the Nielsen Company, it will grow to USD 307 billion in 2018 across six key markets (the US, the UK, Germany, Brazil, China, and Australia). The opportunity is huge, but in a highly fragmented global landscape, how can businesses optimize online cross-border payments for international expansion? Adyen commissioned Edgar, Dunn & Company (EDC), an independent global financial services and payments consultancy, to investigate how leading companies are optimizing cross-border payments. EDC conducted in-depth interviews with Adyen merchants including Evernote, Inditex, and Spotify, and analyzed over 20 million cross-border transactions processed through the Adyen payment platform to publish the findings in a white paper – Cross-Border Payments: Opportunities and Best Practices for Going Global.

Adyen Payment Insights - Brazil

One of the most exciting global markets for merchants, in 2014 Brazil represented 60% of the Latin American e-commerce market, and the sector experienced 24% growth. For many merchants looking to gain a foothold in Latin America, Brazil is a compelling choice as the number one target market. Yet restrictions on banks and currency controls mean that from an outside perspective, entry into the market is not always straightforward. With that in mind, this document will walk you through some of the key issues international merchants should consider prior to market entry, and offer advice based on extensive on-the-ground experience.

Country Payments Guide - China

It’s easy to get carried away with big statistics when discussing China, but one story illustrates just how quickly the Chinese e-commerce market is sweeping all before it. The biggest 24-hour period for e-commerce shopping in the US – Cyber Monday – generated impressive sales of $2.29 billion in 2013. But by just 1:04 pm on Single’s Day, 2013, a Chinese celebration for bachelors and bachelorettes, Chinese shoppers had already sprinted past this figure, breaking breaking the previous year’s record and spending $3.1 billion. But the party was just getting started – after the day was over, Chinese shoppers had spent $5.7 billion (RMB 35 billion) – making Cyber Monday’s $2.29 billion record pale in comparison. Single’s Day is a good illustration of just how rapidly the Chinese e-commerce juggernaut is rising. By 2020 the market is estimated to be worth more than the US, UK, Japan, Germany, and France combined. However, for all the dizzying growth, there are a number of challenges that international merchants should keep in mind as they enter this unique market. This report will walk you through some of the key challenges, examine the market’s major payment methods, and offer practical advice based on extensive, on-the-ground experience.

SafeCharge Whitepaper on New PCI Compliance Regulations

With the mandatory introduction on the 1st June 2015 of the new PCI 3.0 standards, to help Merchants decide on the route to take to ensure compliance, SafeCharge, a global provider of payments services, technologies and risk management solutions, gives advice on the new regulation challenges.  If outsourcing, then Merchants should look at a payment provider that has a solid list of clients utilising their descoping solution and who is performing continuous maintenance checks in adherence with all PCI standards and updates. Click the image to left to learn more!

The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing your Online Store: A Retailer’s Guide to Experience Optimization on Web and Mobile

Retailers use Experience Optimization to gather data about shoppers and then use that information to serve up better, higher converting experiences on the web and mobile. Done right, Experience Optimization is a sure fire way to improve key retail metrics, including purchases, average order value, customer lifetime value, revenue, and more. In this guide, we’ll highlight best practices, strategies, and lessons learned from some of the most successful online stores in the business. Inside, you’ll find: Proven methods to grow revenue streams, increase customer lifetime value, and grow your online business Optimization strategies to decrease shopping cart abandonment on desktop and mobile Test ideas, pro-tips, and results from successful online retailers like Electronic Arts, VeggieTales, and Backcountry Quick (and easy) wins for e-commerce personalization

Why Retailers Need to Reorganize for Effective Content-driven Commerce

Storytelling has long been a staple of good brand marketing. But the concept has taken on more urgency in the digital space, where brands now have the power to engage directly with their customers through web and mobile channels. The mandate for more sophisticated brand content has introduced a new set of challenges for online retailers—namely, how to integrate traditionally separate marketing and commerce operations to deliver a unified experience to shoppers. Read our 'Why Retailers Need to Reorganise for Effective Content-driven Commerce' eBook to learn more.

Add to Cart - How One Simple Purchase Led to Four Unique Stories of E–Commerce Success

In today’s highly competitive e-commerce landscape, the success of your company directly correlates with how quickly you’re able to pinpoint and solve performance issues. After all, poor website performance translates into lost revenue, brand damage and additional support costs for your company. And when it’s peak shopping season, the pressure can be especially overwhelming. Download this eBook to learn how e-commerce companies of all shapes and sizes are tackling application performance challenges and staying ahead of the competition. Read on to explore four unique stories of e-commerce success that all came from one simple purchase: SaaS-based APM.

Digital Boardroom Customer Experience White Paper

Secrets To Building A Seamless User Experience Across Channels As the rising popularity of the term “omnichannel” indicates, it is no longer enough for retailers to serve customers in silo-ed, multiple channels. As technology becomes ubiquitous, and interactions via multiple channels and devices areincreasingly part of the customer journey, companies need to deliver holisticand engaging experiences that are integrated and convenient.

Internationalisation: Expanding Your Brand Across Borders and Channels To Capture Market Share

This white paper is a summary of the discussions which were based around: Building a global strategy that can be executed locally Identifying and testing appetite in new international markets What are the big challenges when entering new unknown markets? Phasing and resourcing for international roll out Customer experience: Is it better to localise or centralise? What levels of translation are compulsory to achieve greater market share and which are optional? Facilitating a local marketing team managing content Balancing your brand promise against warehousing, distribution and returns in different regions Increasing the agility of your infrastructure to aid your expansion.

15 Emerging Omni-Channel Trends

Omni-channel commerce, or uniting online and traditional brick-and-mortar channels and operations, has finally become a reality for some retailers in recent years. Many retailers who currently do not ahve an omni-channel solution in place are looking implement one in the coming years. With omni-channel still being one of the major buzzwords in the online retail industry, here are fifteen emerging omni-channel trends.